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Electric Fat Tire Bike



Fat Tire Bike Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle

  • Custom Proprietary 6061 Alloy Frame
  • Super High Torque 500 Watt Motor
  • 15 Amp Hour Samsung Li ION Battery

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Motor: 48 Volt Geared Hub Motor Super Efficient - High Torque
Samsung 48 Volt Li-Ion Battery High Quality Name Brand Components
Advanced Power Management System Center Console LCD Lighted Display

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Electric Fat Tire Bike

Electric Fat Tire Bike - Beach Cruiser Bicycle

High Quality, Unique and Innovative, The Electric Fat Tire Bike, exclusively by Equalizer.

Our Name: Equalizer - noun - any conveyance that can create or give advantage to the user, to make equal the tool to the task, to level the odds or give one an advantage.

Our Electric Fat Tire Bike frame is engineered from the start with integrated battery placement & elegant curves to give it both grace and balance. A long wheelbase makes it more stable over rough terrain. With a steeper head angle and straight blade fork this bike handles it self like a mountain bike. "Monster" sized tires and the largest - heaviest duty motor available make it a real work horse. This is not your Grand Ma's electric bike. Bolt on a rack and add some saddle bags and start enjoying those errands in the fresh air. Run groceries from the corner store, or supplies to your hunting lodge. From the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between, you can get as much exercise as you wish and still get any where you want fresh and relaxed. Lower your stress level and go for an enjoyable scenic ride. Camping trips, picnics, anything, see life in a new way, relaxed from the saddle of your very own Equalizer Electric Bicycle. Enjoy the smells of open fields as you glide down the road at a brisk 22.5 MPH top speed.  The Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike with it's 4 inch wide tires can make any trail a possibility for adventure.

Equalizer Electric Bicycles is committed to the highest quality product line possible. Our bikes are engineered to ADHERE to the maximum legal limits for safety and speed limitations. This qualifies our electric fat tire bikes to legally be ridden on ALL* public roadways, bicycle lanes, bicycle paths, bicycle trails, wilderness trails, beaches, sand dunes, pretty much anywhere - without any license, insurance, or registration fees - please *check your local laws.

The newest technology, the best components, the highest capacities - we strive to make our entire line of electric / human powered hybrid bikes the best available anywhere.

Let an Equalizer Electric Bicycle put the advantages in your favor.
1) An Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike uses only $0.01 of electricity to go 5 miles.
2) Our Samsung Li 48Volt 15Amp Hour Battery packs will recharge over 1000 times - giving them an expected life of over 70,000 miles.
3) We warranty our bikes for a full year from date of purchase & 3 years warranty on the battery.

Get the BEST - Get Yourself an Equalizer!!

  • Frame:Electric Fat Tire Bike Custom Cruiser Alloy 6061 - Integrated Battery Placement - Long Wheel Base
  • Attachment Points: Rear Rack, Fenders, Chain Guard, Disc Brakes
  • Fork Details : Straight Blade Steel, 135 mm Wide
  • Motor: 500W Brushless Heavy Duty Rear Hub Motor with Super High Torque Gear Drive
  • Battery: Samsung Li 48Volt 15Amp Hour Battery - 3 year warranty
  • Battery Cells: Samsung Li 2600 mAh High Density 18650 Cells
  • Charger: 2 Amp Smart Charger with Overcharge/Overheat protection
  • Charge Times for 15 AH Battery: Usual Recharge 2-3 hrs, 6 hrs full charge
  • Display: Advanced Center Console Display: LCD with speed, range, battery capacity, battery voltage & back light
  • Separate headlight control button
  • Advanced Power Management System: 5 levels of pedal assist, 5 Modes, 2 Owner Programmable Modes for personal preferences including: Soft start PAS, ECO, Normal & POWER Modes, walking pace mode.
  • Battery Management System (BMS) with Precise Voltage Measuring
  • Motor Power Controls: 5 Level Pedal Assist Mode & Full Time Full Throttle Controller:Brake Lockout for safety.
  • Range: 35-70 Miles per charge without pedaling
  • Top Speed 22.5 MPH
  • Wheels: Powder Coated Double Wall Alloy Rims with Sealed Bearing, Quick Release Front Wheel
  • Spokes: 36 x 13 gauge (2.3mm) stainless steel spokes
  • Tires: Kenda Juggernaut Sport Steel Bead 26"x4" knobby tires
  • Brake Brand: Tektro Electric Bike Disc Brakes Front & Rear
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc with 177.8 mm (7") Rotor
  • Derailleur: Shimano Acera 7 Speed
  • Gearing: Shimano 7 speed cassette 12-32
  • Chain wheel: Steel 42 Tooth Single Sprocket
  • Cranks: Aluminum Alloy-6061 170 mm Black Anodized
  • Pedals: Aluminum Alloy Platform with Reflectors
  • Chain Guard: Steel Painted
  • Kickstand: Heavy Duty Motorcycle Style Side Stand
  • Stem: Powder Coated 6061 Alloy ZOOM Adjustable Comfort
  • Handler Bar: Aluminum Alloy 3" Rise Swept Back
  • Seat Post: Aluminum Alloy ZOOM with Suspension : 27.2mm / 350mm
  • Seat: Plush Padded, Anatomically Channeled, Leatherette Covered with Thick Rubber Cushion Springs:Color Matches Grips
  • Grips: Hand Stitched, Plush Padded, Leatherette Covered:Color Matches Seat
  • Weights: Total Weight: 62 lbs, Motor Weight:8.6 lbs, Battery Weight:8.7 lbs
  • Wheelbase: Axle to Axle : 52 in
  • Length: Front to Back : 80 in
  • Height: Top of Bars : 45 in
  • Width: Widest Points of Bars : 28 in
  • Stand Over Height:Mid Top Tube To Ground: 29 in
  • Additional Features: 48 Volt System LED Headlight, Bell, Battery Operated LED Safety Tail light

Fat Tire Bike Center Console Control

Liquid Crystal Display Electric Fat Tire Bike

Electric Fat Tire Bike Power Controls

Electric Fat Tire Bike Sealed Bearings - Quick Release - Disc Brakes

Electric Fat Tire Bike Fork

Electric Fat Tire Bike Left Side

Compare our quality to all the others!!

The 5 Features That Set Equalizer Above the Rest:

1)The Frame: The MOST Important Part

Our Frame is made specifically for electric bike usage out of  High Quality Aluminum Alloy 6061.
Featuring Integrated Battery Placement - battery placement under the rider - neutral - low centered - added safety for rider and battery. With a low center of gravity you get better balance and better ride quality. With a longer wheelbase you get more stability and a safer ride. Increased versatility of connection points for racks, fenders and disc brakes.

2)Power Management System:Maximization of Resources

The most advanced Power Management System Offered by any company. Design your own parameters, make your bike run exactly the way you like. Our Technology MAXIMIZES battery life and control.
Pedal Assist Mode: Engages Motor while pedaling:5 Levels of Output
Full Power Throttle: 100% Power : 100% Any Time : 100% Independent
Center Console LCD Lighted Display with Separate Headlight control

3)Power Cell - Chemistry, Voltage, Capacity & Manufacturer

We use only Lithium Ion power cells manufactured by Samsung
*Samsung Li 2600 mAh High Density 18650 Cells
Our 48 Volt - 15 AH is the Equalizer Standard
Using the 2 amp smart charger provides the maximum utility for your battery. 2 amp chargers can double the life of the battery, saving on upkeep and giving over 1000 complete charge cycles.


4) The Motor

At 48 Volts with 500 Watts, Our Fat Tire Bike Motor is a High Efficiency, High Revving, Heavy Duty Super High Torque Gear Drive unit. Gear Drive is used to increase low end torque that is needed in hill climbing and acceleration. We use  faster spinning, lower geared, wider motor cases, making it possible to increased gear size in both directions which provides longer gear life making it a true, Heavy Duty Motor Unit. Our geared motors free wheel when not in use, making it easier on the rider to pedal with the motor off.



We encourage comparison, that way you'll have no regrets when you buy an Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike.

What to look for:

1)Fact: a bike with the battery over the back wheel has bad balance.
2)Fact: a bike with the battery over the front wheel has bad balance.
3)Fact: Equalizer uses the most advanced systems available.
4)Reliability - 48 volt : 15 AH : 500 watts : Advanced Controls
5)Quality - Shimano Acera 7 speed derailleur, gears & shifter!!
7)RESULT: You want the best - an Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike


Additional Details:

Gearing: Cassette Spacing Shimano/SRAM 7. Cassette Body Type Shimano 7. Cassette Cogs 12-14-16-18-21-26-32. Range 12-32. Number of Speeds 7.

Loads & Hill Climb:
Will accommodate a maximum load of rider & cargo up to 300 Lbs.
Hill Climbing Capabilities - Steepness - Motor Only:
Maximum Load (300 Lbs.):  incline 3.5% Grade
Medium Load (140 Lbs.) :  incline 10% Grade

Advanced Power Management System Features:
5 Levels of Pedal Assist System (PAS)
2 Different User Programmable modes (Customizable to Personal Preferences)
Eco Mode - Super efficient mode to maximize range per charge.
Normal Mode - For everyday use: Max 20 MPH.
Power Mode for off road use only: Allows the motor to spin 10% Faster in all levels, applies more power faster and increases top end speed slightly 22.5MPH.



Top Quality Ebike

Arrived with only a few items to put together. All went together easily with very little effort. Super comfortable to ride and has an amazing ease of rideability for someone who has never been on an ebike before this one. I absolutely love it. Thanks to Art for all his help in my decision to buy this great bike.


Great features and quality

I've had my bike now for about 2 weeks. Ride quality is excellent, as well as motor response. Easy to use control system, I love power mode. I now have used the bike on different terrains. My only exception is it only goes 22.5 mph and I can't get it to go faster. I went back and read the specs really closely and it was 22.5, so my bad.

I wasn't sure about buying a bike online, didn't know what would be in the box when I opened it. Bike came mostly assembled. I had to cut some zip ties. I recommend a wire cutter over a scissor. Pretty easy, basic, slide the handle bars into the bike, put the front tire on, screw in the pedals, ride. Once I got it put together it worked perfectly.

I'm sorry I didn't get the rack when I bought it. So now I've ordered one.

I have not yet started using the bike at night, but it lights up very cool in the garage.

Great quality - worth the purchase price.


My bike just arrived!

My bike arrived today and I spent the last hour getting it all together. I just got back from my first night ride. With the head light on and the display lite up I was out for a great ride. I cannot believe how comfortable this bike rides. Thanks Equalizer!



My friend just got one of these fat tire bikes. He loves the bike and when I rode it I fell in love with it too. Was just delivered last night and I couldn't wait, I took it out for a night ride. It's amazing how the display lights up. Great bike highly recommend it!


Electric Fat Tire Bike

I am a 5' 5" woman and I bought one of these Fat Tire Bikes. All I can say is that the whole experience was great. I fit very well on the bike and it is as advertised. The bike is so much fun. I have no complaints. Great job! My friend is getting her's soon.


Electric Fat Tire Bike

This bike is in a category that simply needs to be experienced to be believed. Awesome!! Peddling is like an instant tailwind, the power is incredible. I had high expectations when I bought this bike and I was NOT disappointed. We bought two bikes, got a great discount and 2 amazing bicycles. My wife and I both love our bikes. My expectations were exceeded by how far we can go on our rides. The 15 amp hour battery keeps going and going - better than I had imagined or hoped. Currently we have several hundred miles on our bikes and we look forward to each ride.

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2015 Equalizer Fat Cruiser

I got this bike online, took about 9 days in between ordering and receiving it. To be fair they shipped it from CA to MA. When I opened the box and started to peel off the wrappers I could see it was damaged. The paint was chipped and the display was smashed. I was furious!! I called the company Customer Service and really let them have it.... The operator was very polite, he let me vent, then he solved every problem I had with kindness and courtesy. I felt really bad that I spoke to him that way and he told me he understood and would do everything in the companies power to put a smile on my face and make sure the bike was fixed so I could ride it. He sent me a link with the parts I needed - couldn't have been easier. The bike was fully insured so all the damages were paid for. Equalizer sent me new replacement parts, I had to pay for them but was reimbursed by the insurance. They sent the parts overnight at their expense, free shipping!! I got complete instructions and phone help. The actual repairs were easy and I have to admit that the bike is AWESOME. I could tell that the bike was initially well wrapped and the shipping company was responsible for all the damages.
Overall the bike is exactly as pictured and described. The company went over and above to help me out. My bike is fixed and I'm enjoying it very much. I have a friend that just bought one like mine after riding mine and seeing how good they took care of the problems. He got his and it was in perfect condition right out of the box.
We went for a ride together and had a blast.
The bike is alot of fun and the company did a great job of taking care of me even though I was angry. I had to say thanks and let everyone know that I was properly cared for and my bike is everything I had hoped it would be. Very happy customer in Cape Cod, MA.


Review 2015 Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike

Review 2015 Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike

48 Volts - 15 Amp Hour - 500 Watts

Easy to put together, Bike handles great, is easy to ride, LCD is phenomenal, goes forever on a charge.

Too Addictive!!

I got my bike over 3 weeks ago and I've been riding it everyday. It has lights and I like riding it in the evening when it is cool out. The bike is just so much fun to ride. This is a great bike. I'd recommend this bike to a friend.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Electric Fat Tire Bike

Electric Fat Tire Bike


Fat Tire Bike Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle

  • Custom Proprietary 6061 Alloy Frame
  • Super High Torque 500 Watt Motor
  • 15 Amp Hour Samsung Li ION Battery

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